Anything is paws-ible with a pet by your side​

The combination of a great love for animals and a passion for design, gave rise to HOS’A pet furniture. Dogs and cats have long been part of the family, so we thought of giving them the respect they deserve, and providing them with a warm personal corner that will suit them and your home decor alike.

Our Couch​

Pamper your four legged friend, with the luxury couch we created especially for them. Like in all of HOSA’s products, we have placed a great emphasis on functionality – this in order to provide maximum comfort, a unique style and durability – We have carefully selected the best quality materials, with a color palette that goes well in every corner of your home. The raised and stylish side panels provide your dog with a sense of security and a variety of resting positions, while the mattress is made from a soft and robust fabric which cleans easily being liquid and hair repellent.

Winner of design award​

“Hos’a aesthetic design is sturdy and elegantly fits any home decor, while being maximally comfortable.”

“the couch’s design gives the dog a needed sense of personal space with backrests that allow a range of relaxing and resting positions.”

Statement of the Jury,
SIT furniture design award 2020

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