Design it, to suit your pet

Materials: Mattress
Couch Base:
Birch with a veneer layer in a waxoil transparent matt finishing.
Types of veneer:
American Walnut
Black stained oak
African Walnut

Fabric – A synthetic fabric in a velvety texture which cleans easily and efficiently, highly durable against stains, wear, rubbing, and tear and it does not change its original color.
Has a special fiber layer which was created by nanotechnology which creates a protection layer against stains and strengthens the fabric.
Pet resistant
Stain resistant
Easy to clean
Tear strength: 5/5
Pull strength: 5/5

*Colors may differ from the colors displayed on the computer screen or in the display resolution of mobile phones.

Specific Treatment:

For a longer life, clean the dirt regularly and remove stains instantly.
In case of staining, clean the stain close to the time of staining.
In the event a large amount of liquid is spilled on the fabric (Ketchup for example), first collect the liquid and only then clean the stain.
It is preferable to use special polyester detergents.
Can be spot cleaned with a dry solvent detergent.

Ongoing maintenance:

Do not use hard bristle brushes to clean the upholstery. It is recommended to clean with soft materials.
Can be machine washed in a gentle cycle of heat up to 30 degrees with the cover inside-out.
Dry the upholstery in a shaded place until completely dry. Do not put in the dryer machine.
Do not use detergents that are not intended for cleaning polyester.
Keep in a shaded place.


Tips for cleaning various types of stains:

Vomit: Absorb/ scrape off the residue, and then take a soft clean cloth and a blot. Pour cold water on the area and absorb continuously. Then, sponge washing detergent with a small amount of bleach on the stain. Wait for it to dry completely. Go over the stain with a dry cleaning liquid and let it dry. Finally, blot the stain with a moist cloth soaked in disinfecting alcohol.
Urine: It is important to treat the stain as soon as possible, before the urine dries. First soak the stain with a solution of white vinegar and water and wait for it to dry. Then, put on the stain some washing liquid and cold water. Blot continuously with a dry cloth to prevent dampness of the cloth. Finally, put cold water on the stain and absorb it all.