We Are HOS'A, Nice to Meet

Hos’a – Pet Furniture was founded in 2020 by Idan and Nadav, two animal lovers living in Israel
Idan Herbet –Father of a female dog named Amy, B.Design – Department of Industrial Design, Holon Institute of Technology, Owner of award winning “Studio Herbet Design”
Nadav Tal-Or – Father of 2 dogs named Jose and Patrick, Founder and Owner of NTO Marketing Agency, specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing

When design and love for pets come together

Our journey towards making furniture for our four-legged friends began with a great love for animals and a passion for design. We searched for a creative, respectable solution to integrate our animals into the home space, a personal spot where they can feel comfortable, relaxed and safe - putting the emphasis of the design on function, quality and style.

Located in Tel aviv

All our products are manufactured in our design studio in Israel. Each item is made of carefully selected materials and assembled by hand. The high level of detailed finishing grants durable, easy to clean furniture for you, and a perfect lounging experience for your pet!

When the design is adapted to the residents of the house

Customer reviews attest that our products bring life and color to the home and provide for great small-talk. Just watching their pets naturally approach the furniture makes their day - So all we have left to do is thank everyone for the confidence and support on our journey together - for our little friends :]

Our products

Our products were designed using a pet-participation process and with the help of cats and dogs, we gradually improved and sharpened the design. Conducting ergonomic research and observations of animal interaction with our furniture, we designed an accurate and unique product for you and for them. The results speak for themselves – our lounging sofa won the 2020 SIT Design Award in the “Comfort” category.

The results speak for themselves -

our couch wins a design award in the SIT competition in the "comfort" category for 2020